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X (The X Window System)

X is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is designed to provide portable GUI applications across multiple platforms. X is a system designed to take advantage of the protected mode of the 80386 processor. Since the X Window System was originally designed for the Intel 80386 chip, it is also called XFree86. Linux was originally designed for PC’s and will therefore run on any Intel-based computer that is a 80386 or faster. Linux is also available for the SPARC chip, the Motorola 6800 chip (Macintosh), the DEC Alpha chip, and a version is currently under development for Intel’s new 64-bit chip. X provides the Linux user with a “Windows”® look and feel. There are a number of programs, games, and utilities that have been developed as add-ons to the X Window System. These programs can be compiled with X and Linux to provide an easy-to-use user interface. X is the… Read the rest