Lute Linux


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What distribution is LuteLinux Lite based on?

It is based on Slackware 7.0

What kernel does it ship with?

It is shipped with kernel 2.2.13

What version of Xfree?

It is shipped with version 3.3.5

Why does my system seem so slow after I install LuteLinux Lite?

For those who purchased our initial release, a flaw has been found with the swap file partition being created but not formatted. This is an easy thing to fix and will improve the performance of some hardware intense software you may have on your system.

Step 1. Type fdisk -l
Hit Enter
This will display a list of all the partitions on your system.
Take note of any swap ones you have.

Step 2. Type mkswap Hit Enter
An example of a might be /dev/hda2.

From this point forward your swap file will be initialized.