Lute Linux

Consulting Services

You are about to enter the remarkable world of Linux with exciting opportunities awaiting you. Growing at a rate of 25% per year, Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world. Countless companies have already experienced the benefits of Linux technology, and we invite you to see for yourself the advantages of Linux.

Our consulting services are designed to orient companies wanting to deploy LuteLinux on any scale. Our full menu of assessment and implementation skills are at your disposal.
Available services include:
· On-site consulting
· Assessment
· Strategic planning
· Personal System Organization
· Network planning and implementation
· Training and testing
· Auditing

Our services are modularized, allowing you to choose the specific services that best meet your needs.

At LuteLinux we bring our services to you. On-site consulting enables us to precisely evaluate your requirements. From the workstation to the server, our consultants have extensive experience in evaluating and devising a strategy in a timely and cost effective manner to fulfill your needs. Once your LuteLinux consultant has implemented the changes, he/she will then perform a thorough audit to ensure that optimal results have been obtained.

Your system’s improvements are never limited to the confines of your on-site resources.
Although the ability to think outside the box is important, sometimes the answer is the box. The LuteBox.

The purpose of the LuteBox is to maximize productivity time, and decrease costs. Many office computers connect to the Internet via individual modem lines. This results not only in needless expenses, but is also time consuming, since you are dependent on the speed of the modem. By consolidating your connections into one internal IP address with a faster connection, you will save both time and money.

The LuteBox will enable you to share files, and printer capabilities. You will also have it act as an in house-mail server, replacing your long non-company specific e-mail address, with a short, identifiable, personal address for each employee. The LuteBox can also equip you with mailing list, and web server capabilities, therefore providing your company with a full-featured Internet site.

In addition to financial savings, time efficiency, security, and versatility, your LuteBox also comes with a 30 day parts and service warranty.

At LuteLinux we understand that relationships aren’t made, they’re developed. Recognizing that our customers are experts in their own fields, our consultants are good listeners, who have extensive experience in assessing and addressing the particular needs of individual clients. Open communication allows us to build strategies optimized for immediate and future growth. In addition to consulting services, LuteLinux also offers training and certification to better equip your staff with the software and troubleshooting skills needed to get the most out of your Linux system.