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Coupon Codes For Domain Name Email (It’s Superior to Webmail)

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Many people rely on webmail for communication, and although that’s fine for personal use, there are several reasons domain name email provides a more professional touch. Of course, for this article, work-based email addresses are being ignored and there is a focus on email accounts that individuals own instead. This content looks at why it is worth investing in a domain-based email address and the benefits you will receive as a result. There’s even a GoDaddy renewal coupon code available that will save you money on both the domain name purchase, as well as email hosting services.

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1. It’s easier to create a professional sounding name

When setting up an email address, it’s important for it to sound professional. The biggest challenge with webmail is that it’s hard to find a name that is suitable. In most cases, your preferred name will already be in use by someone else, so you must add various numbers or extra letters to make it work. And you can still use your favorite webmail client like Gmail to check and send email from your professional address. In fact, you can set it up with multiple accounts, so it’s a great way to centralize your inbox if you have multiple email addresses that you need to check.

2. Your email address will be more memorable

Once you have gone ahead and created your domain email, it’s worth remembering you now have a truly unique address. With webmail, plenty of people can have the same or similar names, but the options for uniqueness are far greater with domain-based email. For example, if you only create one email address attached to that domain, then yours will be the only address connected to that website. In which case, people may only need to remember your first name and website address to remember your email contact.

3. Domain email security settings may be stronger, and you receive less spam

Professionalism and memorability and certainly key factors but there are other things to consider as well. It’s crucial that you can easily identify important communication and you enjoy high security. There have been plenty of reports that webmail is not that secure and easily hackable.

However, domain-based email should provide the highest level of encryption once it’s been set-up. It’s also true that the spam controls tend to be a lot stronger especially if you are careful about where you enter your email address online. Therefore, you can enjoy secure communication without having to worry about filtering through a lot of spam whenever you open your inbox. If you do happen to get targeted for spam, there are free tools out there that can help you manage it.

Hopefully, this content has proven some of the real advantages of domain email over webmail. Domain-based email is what you need to truly stand out and having your own website is also great for personal brand identity. Simply consider the fact that you will be more professional, memorable and the excellent protection that domain email offers.