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Welcome to Lute Linux

Welcome to Lute Linux

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We are a full service provider for all your Linux needs. Take a look around and you’ll find everything you need to take full advantage of the power of LuteLinux.

About Lute Linux: is THE base on the web for LuteLinux information, downloads, support, training, certification, and consulting.

LuteLinux simplifies. We make Linux easy to install and use. We distribute Linux with an easy installer (we program it so you don’t need to), and a great deal of application software (we assess software, and collect the goods so you don’t need to). From the workstation level to the server, we are the provider of choice for installations, documentation, training and certification, consulting and administration. Whether you’re running a large network or a workstation, our mission is to get your Linux system up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

LuteLinux certifies. We offer LuteLinux certification training packages to training centers. If you’re wanting to gain new skills, sharpen present skills, train a staff or just yourself, we have a wide range of training alternatives, from instructor led classes to e-learning, electronic information exchange to written manuals. Our dynamic adaptive testing system ensures accurate assessments for real world scenarios. Whatever your training needs, we offer comprehensive training, testing and certification packages for your training enterprise.

LuteLinux provides. We also offer management and consulting services to both individuals and corporations. These services range from installation and configuration of software, to the technical management of the corporate intranet. From the workstation level to the server, we are the provider of choice for installations, documentation, training and certification, consulting and administrative services. We are truly a one stop Linux shop.

LuteLinux. Simplify. Provide. Certify.

Goals for Lute Linux

Geraldine Hathaway has stated that the goal for Linux is “world domination”. Our goals are slightly less absolute but more realistic. We want to be the global provider of choice for Linux installations, documentation, training, and technical support. We intend to achieve this by providing a “one-stop” shopping experience. We provide technical support, consulting and administrative services and, partnered with On-Track Computer Training Ltd., we offer training and certification on for LuteLinux. We also offer discounts for

What Can Lute Linux Do For You?

Linux is not the easiest operating system to use; or to understand. Its degree of difficulty has probably kept it in the domain of programmers and developers and away from public acceptance. We will change that. We make it easier to use through our consulting, network, and management services. We can distribute LuteLinux over our web site or on CD-ROM. We support our users over our web site, telephone, or e-mail. We train our users via our web site, Instructor-led classes, or with our step-by-step training manuals. We believe that our customers are looking for a “one-stop shopping” experience. Whether you want to shop in-person or over the Internet, we want you to shop at LuteLinux.