Lute Linux

X (The X Window System)

X is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is designed to provide portable GUI applications across multiple platforms. X is a system designed to take advantage of the protected mode of the 80386 processor. Since the X Window System was originally designed for the Intel 80386 chip, it is also called XFree86. Linux was originally designed for PC’s and will therefore run on any Intel-based computer that is a 80386 or faster. Linux is also available for the SPARC chip, the Motorola 6800 chip (Macintosh), the DEC Alpha chip, and a version is currently under development for Intel’s new 64-bit chip. X provides the Linux user with a “Windows”® look and feel. There are a number of programs, games, and utilities that have been developed as add-ons to the X Window System. These programs can be compiled with X and Linux to provide an easy-to-use user interface. X is the… Read the rest

GNU Software

In 1984, Richard Stallman, a former worker at the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab, founded the GNU project. GNU is a recursive acronym for Gnu’s Not UNIX. Stallman held the belief that ideas should be shared and that proprietary software (software owned and developed by a single company or individual) was unethical, antisocial and immoral. He developed a C compiler called GCC (for GNU C Compiler) and began working on other development and application tools with the idea of building a UNIX-like operating system that was free. He was faced with a moral dilemma; he wanted to provide “free” software but needed to pay the bills. How do you keep something free but make enough money so you can continue your work?

The Free Software Foundation

In 1985 Stallman decided to seek funding, so he created the Free Software Foundation (FSF), – a tax-exempt charity dedicated to the purpose… Read the rest